Car Accident Checklist - Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

What to do after the car accident:

  • exchange names & addresses with all parties including witnesses
  • check your vehicle and if it is safe to drive, proceed to your destination
  • call Armstrongs of Parkdale to recover your vehicle

If another vehicle is involved in car accident:

  • do not admit liability even if you think you are in the wrong
  • if persons are injured, stop and lend assistance if you can
  • call police and ambulance - if necessary

What details to collect for your Insurance Claim:

  • Other Driver Vehicle Type.
  • Other Driver Registration Number.
  • Other Driver License Number.
  • Other Driver Address.
  • Other Driver Telephone Number.
  • Other Driver Insurance Company.
  • Accident Address, Date and Time.

Car accident checklist - provided by Armstrongs of Parkdale (Melbourne, Australia)

When to call the police:

if someone is injured

if damage to property other than to the vehicles involved exceeds $500

if a vehicle requires towing

if you suspect the other driver of drinking or under the influence of alcohol or drugs

if the law has been broken

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Car accident checklist - provided by Armstrongs of Parkdale (Melbourne, Australia)

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