Accident Recovery - Management Solution for You

We can act on your behalf to make the process of accident recovery almost seamless.

This is how we org anise Accident Recovery.
A recovery means there will be no cost to you. No Win - No Fee.

In regard to hire car claims and loss of earnings these expenses may only be claimed if sub stated by documentary evidence. Hire car expenses need to be proved that car repairs were commenced and completed without delay.

Accident Recovery - Step 1
Signing the accident information sheet will allow and authorize us to act for you on your behalf to seek to recover the cost of your repairs to your vehicle. Our aim is to recover the cost of the repairs from the party that hit you as quick as possible.

Accident Recovery - Step 2
Once authorization has been signed over, it's in your best interests not to enter into any type of negotiations or discussions with the other party. This is my best advice. This will hinder recovery of money owed and jeopardizes any action taken by us on your behalf.

Please refer all contact from third party or their insurance company immediately to the number below.

Here are just some of your benefits:

No need to lose your
"No Claim Bonus" with your insurance company.

No need to pay an excess and wait for re-imbursement.

No need to waste time to obtain 3 Quotes.

We refer you to a Solicitor - if required.

To speed up the process
of Accident Recovery
you may
download this form
- to fill in and fax to: 9580 1575

Call us now on 9580 12 11 to Get Your Car Fixed as NEW after the accident!

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